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Friday, 10 July 2015

New Fully Networked Mecal Presses

Here at PHT we are keen to further our business by being at the forefront of technologies within our sector. As such we have added four new servo driven Mecal Presses that are fully networked to our existing infrastructure using Circuit Master Crimp Force Analysers.

This new technology allows our production staff to reference all terminations made on these machines to a library of perfect crimps by measuring several aspects such as maximum crimp force, length and height. Should a termination not meet the required standards a warning screen will show and the press will not allow further terminations until an inspection is carried out and the fault is cleared. All terminations are recorded and logged so that trends can be analysed for issues such as tool wear.

With some additional funding from Grants for Growth this is the latest of many new investments we have made to keep us ahead of the curve and enable us to be the first supplier our customers turn to.